MinneMUDAC 2017

Student-focused analytics event inviting participants to explore
real-world data while helping the community.

Nov. 4, 2017


MinneAnalytics is proud to host this second-annual analytics event inviting teams of graduates and undergraduates to explore real-world data while enhancing and showcasing their skills. Past events have been tremendously successful due to the unique collaboration between students, their academic advisors, and analytics professionals from a variety of businesses.

MinneMUDAC is Saturday, Nov. 4 from 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Teams and advisors are also encouraged to attend a pre-event dinner and panel discussion with industry experts on Friday, Nov. 3.

Team Guidelines

  • Each team requires a faculty or staff advisor to register a team as well as provide support throughout the competition.
  • MinneMUDAC 2017 consists of two divisions: undergraduate and graduate. All students must be undergraduates to participate in the undergraduate division. Mixed teams are permitted and participate in the graduate division.
  • Undergraduate teams will be invited to participate at one of two levels:
    Novice: teams with less experience in Data Science and Analytics
    Experienced: teams that have competed before or are more experienced in Data Science and Analytics.
  • Colleges and universities outside of Minnesota are encouraged to participate. MinneAnalytics covers room accommodations for all teams and their advisors traveling from outside the Minneapolis/St Paul seven county metropolitan area.
  • More than one team from the same college or university may participate. Individual students may only join one team.

Competition Timeline

Prior to November 4th

  • The core data set and research problem will be released one month before the event to give participants a sufficient amount of time for data preparation, initial analysis and to develop insights into the data.
  • Guidelines for potential evaluation criteria to be used by our judges is provided to all registered teams.
  • Teams may seek advice from any resource — including faculty, domain experts and/or data analytics experts provided by MinneMUDAC and even other teams.

On November 3rd

  • Friday evening includes a networking social hour, dinner and a panel presentation by industry professionals on the key attributes critical to pursuit of a career in business analytics and big data.
  • Room accommodations provided by MinneAnalytics for all teams and their advisors traveling from outside the Minneapolis/St Paul seven county metropolitan area.  MinneAnalytics will also sponsor the opening dinner on Friday evening, and all meals for the event on Saturday. The teams will be responsible only for their travel to and from the event.

On November 4th

  • The judges will first evaluate team data analysis and data preparation/augmentation procedures through informal interviews of the team members during the morning session. Teams that receive high interview scores will be asked to present their insights, findings and recommendations in an afternoon session attended by all judges and event attendees.
  • The final presentations will be evaluated and feedback will be provided by the judges
  • While the final presentations are evaluated an informal job and internship fair will run concurrently, allowing students to network and sign up for interviews.
  • Awards will be allocated to the top scoring teams based on the judges’ evaluations. 

Judges and Mentors

We invite analytics professionals from the community to join us as judges and mentors at this unique event. Please use the “Individual” registration option to get involved.

We look forward to seeing your college or university represented at MinneMUDAC 2017!

Register a Team

For more information or to get involved, e-mail education@minneanalytics.org.