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UPDATE: Episode 6 of MinneAnalytics Monday scheduled for June 1 is being rescheduled. 

Episode 6 – Change Management in a Data-Driven World with Ryan Ambrose

This session presented by Ryan Ambrose focuses on report consolidation and getting disparate groups to agree on metrics and a single version of the truth. The session will stream live on the MinneAnalytics YouTube channel. Check back here for the link, or sign up here to receive an email notification when we go live.

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WTF I Wish I Learned – AKA Distinguished Alumni Panel June 8
Recent, but seasoned, alumni who have distinguished themselves talk about what they had to learn the hard way. Moderated by Ashley Stadler-Blank with panelists Kim Eng Ky, Jake Mason, and Claire Brekken.

Angry Hiring Manager Panel June 15
Frustrated managers vent on how colleges are preparing students. Moderated by Ashley Stadler-Blank with panelists Ravi Shanbhag, John Hogue, and Lizzy Foo Kune.

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Past Episodes

Episode 5 – The Covid19R project with Rami Krispin
Monday, May 18 at 12:00pm CDT

Episode 5 features Rami Krispin presenting about the Covid19R project. More details about the project are available here.

Episode 4 – Towards MLOps with Kubeflow, mlrun & DASK
Monday, May 11 at 12:00pm CDT

Episode 4 features Greg Hayes, Data Science Director at Ecolab, talking MLOps.

Episode 3 – Using Variational Auto-Encoders to Explore U.S. Covid-19 County-level Data Monday, May 4 at 12:00pm CDT

Yaniv Ben-Ami Founder at EasyAsPie.ai and Assistant Professor at Carleton College explores how a Variational Auto-Encoder can be used to track and make sense of U.S. Covid-19 county-level data.

Episode 2 – A Data Science Playbook for Explainable AI Monday, April 27 at 12:00pm CDT

Josh Poduska, Chief Data Scientist at Domino Data Lab, reprises his highly-rated presentation from Data Tech 2019 “A Data Science Playbook for Explainable AI – Navigating Interpretable vs Predictive Models.”

Episode 1 – Panel Discussion: Predicting in an Age of Uncertainty Monday, April 20 at 12:00pm CDT

Virtual panel discussion moderated by John Hogue with panelists Brianna Frederick, Data Science Manager, General Mills, Sean Larson, Director Business Insights and Analytics, Medtronic and Ruel G. White, Supply Chain Process Manager, Cargill.