Using Sched to Plan Your Data Tech Conference Experience

MinneAnalytics uses the Sched platform to create our conference schedules. Sched allows users to log in to explore sessions, create a personalized schedule, and see who else might be attending a session.

After you register for the event, we ask that you take a moment to check out the sessions using Sched and select those you are most interested in attending. This helps us to gauge sessions popularity so we can plan room sizes and timing to create the best conference experience possible. Once the final conference schedule is released, you can use Sched to plan your day and stay up to date on any last-minute changes. Explore the Data Tech 2019 Sched here. We appreciate your engagement!

Profile and Privacy Settings
Sched automatically creates an attendee profile for each registered participant. You can add a photo as well as info such as a bio and social profiles if you’d like to use Sched as a tool to connect with fellow conference goers. However, If you’d like your profile to be anonymous, you can change your Sched profile settings here.

Note: You don’t have to attend the sessions you express interest in and you can change the sessions you add to your Sched at any time.

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