Get your Data Science groove on with these podcasts

by Dave Mathias

Podcasting is hot, and that certainly rings true with data science and analytics. Whether you are running on the treadmill, commuting across the city or relaxing at home, you can keep the data science learning going.

There are many data science podcasts nowadays—some good, some bad and some ugly. Today I highlight four that are worth a listen. 

  1. Not So Standard Deviations: Not So Standard Deviations, or NSSD, provides dialogue between its hosts and guests on all things data science. NSSD is hosted by Roger Peng (@rdpeng), a professor at Johns Hopkins who also has some data science related courses on Coursera, and Hilary Parker (@hspter), who was formerly a data scientist at Etsy and now is at Stitch Fix. @nssdeviations
  2. Data Skeptic: This data science podcast does a good job of mixing short and long episodes including some mini episodes educating listeners on a data science concept along with longer episodes where the hosts interview good data science guests. The hosts are husband and wife Kyle Polich and Linh Da and provide a polished but not overly prepared show. @dataskeptic
  3. Becoming a Data Scientist: Those new to data science go no further. This show is all about helping people learn to become data scientistw and even has an accompanying data science learning club. Renee Teate hosts this podcast and interviews people at all stages on their path to becoming data scientists.  @becomingdatasci
  4. Data Driven Security: If you’re looking to understand how analytics plays a key role in information security then this is your podcast. Data Driven Security podcast covers all things data science and analytics that play a role in the information security space. The show is hosted by Jay Jacobs (@jayjacobs) and Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr). Both work in information security and together authored Data Driven Security book. Special shout out to Jay as a Minnesota local who often comes to MinneAnalytics events and is one of the organizers of the Twin Cities R User Group. @ddsecpodcast

Let us know if there are any other great data science podcasts that you think should be shared with the MinneAnalytics (@MinneAnalytics) audience for a future data science podcast story.

Enjoy listening!

DaveMDave Mathias is a member of the MinneAnalytics Board of Directors and is cochair of FARCON: Financial and Retail Conference on Analytics coming up Aug. 24. Tweet @DaveMathias