Help TCDVG use Data Viz for good!

By Dave Mathias, Twin Cities Data Visualization Group, Co-organizer; MinneAnalytics, Board Member

The Twin Cities Data Visualization Group is doing its first Data Viz Challenge! This is a team-based, tool-agnostic competition for the benefit of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro non-profit GREATER MSP Partnership. GREATER MSP Partnership’s mission is “to accelerate regional competitiveness and inclusive economic growth through job creation, capital investment and execution of strategic initiatives. The Partnership works to strengthen our region’s global sectors, prioritize talent, and tell our story.” On the other hand, the Twin Cities Data Viz Group is about bringing together all people interested in data visualization.

No matter if you are a total beginner or a data viz master we seek to be a community where you can benefit.  We hope to see you next week on March 10th at the TCDVG Data Viz Challenge kickoff or via the follow-up webinar on March 16th. No matter what make sure to signup for our TCDVG Data Viz Challenge Communications if interested in staying informed. Below are answers to some common questions.

If you have any questions about the competition of the Twin Cities Data Visualization Group in general reach out to us at

Hope to see you next week!


How do you learn more and/or participate?

  • MeetUp Group: Signup to the Twin Cities Data Viz Group on MeetUp and next week Tuesday, March 10th at 4:30 pm we have the in person TCDVG Data Viz Challenge kickoff where we go over the challenge, the data, and have an opportunity for Q&A with GREATER MSP Partnership. Note we will also be doing a follow-up webinar on March 16 at 1 pm for those unable to attend in person. We will announce this on our MeetUp group but also please signup to email list below to stay updated on TCDVG Data Viz Challenge.
  • TCDVG Viz Challenge Mailing List: For emails about the competition please sign up via this link. This does not obligate you to participate.

What is the competition format?

This is a team-based and tool agnostic competition that is done over about 6 weeks. We did it this format to allow for an inclusive format where people that want to be part of the competition can learn and benefit from each other and not be stressed but also so that GREATER MSP Partnership will get a useful and good output that improves their MSP Regional Indicators Dashboard.

Do I need to be a data viz expert?

Absolutely not. Everyone is welcome to participate and we hope this is a learning opportunity just as much as it is something that will be fun and beneficial for GREATER MSP Partnership.

What if I don’t have a team?

No worries and we will help you out there.

Is there a specific tool that needs to be used?

Absolutely not! Just like TCDVG is tool agnostic, our competition is tool agnostic. The key is helping GREATER MSP Partnership with its objective.

Will there be prizes?

Of course there will be prizes! Come to the kickoff next week or attend the webinar to learn more.

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