Interoperability FHIR Subject Matter Expert

Website LexisNexis

Information-based analytics, decision tools and data services

  • Responsible for understanding, interpreting, and implementing FHIR specifications to Healthcare data and APIs.
  • Identify and socialize emerging technology trends in the healthcare industry, specifically around interoperability concepts and standards
  • Work with various teams to ingest and understand Interoperability API documentation
  • Drive prioritizations of data acquisition and interpret the FHIR standards to understand how to address data variations based on the strategy for Interoperability solutions
  • Contribute to the creation and adoption of industry standards by representing the company with the organizations establishing the FHIR standards and approaches to adoption
  • Contribute to the product roadmaps; drive the technical roadmap / solution-side roadmaps related to the use and adoption of FHIR
  • Create and provide reporting to program leadership to accurately communicate status, issues, risks, recommendations
  • Collaborate with various stakeholders to develop education and sales materials for customers around FHIR and Interoperability
  • Perform other duties as requested by Sr. Director Healthcare Strategy, Interoperability

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