Mark Gorman joins MinneAnalytics Board of Directors

MarkGormanMinneAnalytics proudly announces the addition of Mark Gorman to its Board of Directors. Mark joins current board members Dan Atkins, Lizzy Foo Kune, Sean Larson, Dave Mathias, Graeme Thickins and Glenn Trygstad. He most recently served as co-chair of PACON: People Analytics Conference on March 24.

“I was humbled and honored, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity of working with this board to make an impact on our profession,” says Mark.

According to Dan Atkins, organization co-founder, the board seeks individuals with a demonstrated dedication to this mission and community.

“Mark has taken initiative and already made considerable impact, not only as a co-chair of PACON, but particularly our educations initiatives,” says Dan. “He takes it upon himself to garner sit downs with college deans, but also makes time to have coffee with individual college and high school students to mentor them and guide their futures. All this while running a successful business.”

Mark agrees that continued initiatives in education are an important focus area for MinneAnalytics moving forward. “I’d like to continue our outreach to the educational and academic communities. I see that as a great opportunity for enhancing the development of the analytic community in Minnesota.”

Mark is CEO and Founder of Gorman Group Insurance Consultancy. He has more than 25 years of industry experience assisting both insurance carriers and insurance market data and decision support vendors in furthering the adoption of emerging data science and business intelligence technologies in the insurance market.

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