Student Data Science Challenge

Coming Spring 2023


MinneAnalytics is proud to present the fifth edition of this analytics event inviting teams of graduate and undergraduate students to explore real-world data while enhancing and showcasing their skills. Join us for this unique collaboration between students, their academic advisors, and analytics professionals from the community. We are currently seeking input for this year’s challenge. Contact dan@minneanalytics.org.

Check out the recap of the most recent MinneMUDAC, during which 71 student teams analyzed a variety of data to predict trends in soybean prices.

“We were very impressed by so many students! There were many who we judged individually who did not make it to the finals whose discoveries made us think of new ways we could run our business.”

-Karen Hildebrand, Co-Founder of Farm Femmes, 2019 MinneMUDAC Data Sponsor


“The transcript doesn’t mean as much as it once did—sharing what you can do is becoming a bigger part of getting that job.” 

-Chris Malone, Co-Chair of MinneMUDAC and Co-Founder of MUDAC