Conference Videos

Alternative Paths to an Analytics Career

Sandra Martin, MBA, MS
Renee Ernst, PhD

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Big Data/AI, Privacy and Data Security Regulation

Melissa Krasnow, JD

Computer Vision and AI for Earth

Somya Sharma, MS
Saumya Pendyala, MS

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Data Visualization Design Essentials

Kristan Hodge, MS

Increasing Business Value through Securely Sharing Data

Prasanna Krishnan

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Organizing Knowledge from the Research Literature Using Graph Databases

Leslie Myint, PhD

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Recurrent Generative Network for Cropland Monitoring

Mengdie (Flora) Wang, MS

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Seeing the Unseen with Graph Technology

Denise Gosnell, PhD

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Software Design, Development, and Distribution in R

Lindsey Dietz, PhD
Christina Knudson, PhD

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Unleash the power of data with Hadoop3

Sravanthi Kondoju

Using Advanced Analytics to Predict the Onset of a Cytokine Storm

Andrea Kline, RN
Trent Seashore
Bilal Khaliq

Walk through the door of discomfort!

Robin Brown

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