Student Autonomous Racing Car Exhibition

  Tuesday, October 24
  Best Buy HQ in Richfield MN


Come learn about the student racing car league we’re starting at area schools. Watch the cars race and see the technology up close. This experiential learning opportunity invites students, school faculty, and those in the community that want to advance STEM education and/or mentor students in STEM.


MinneAnalytics believes STEM education can be advanced by creating an Autonomous Racing Car League at local schools (and we’re willing to fund it). This isn’t just about STEM education, it’s also about bringing more students into STEM through exciting races. Students may be racing each other, but they will also be learning the skills that professionals in industry value.

Tentative Agenda

11:00 – Early Entry for participating teams and community organizations.

2:30 – Doors open for everyone. Watch Best Buy employees race their cars. See the different cars up close and personal at the various exhibition tables. Meet the community organizations that are advancing STEM education

3:30 – STUDENT RACES Commence after brief presentations by students and others.

What are Autonomous Racing Cars

Essentially, they’re the RC cars everyone is familiar with except they’re AC cars (Autonomously Controlled). They’re equipped with cameras and sensors and students program / “train” them to race around a track.

The two major platforms are Donkey Car and AWS DeepRacer.

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Presented by MinneAnalytics and Best Buy