About Us


MinneAnalytics is a nonprofit organization dedicated
to serving Minnesota’s data science and analytics community. We facilitate the sharing of knowledge and ideas among analytics professionals across business, technology and decision science through our industry-specific events and conferences. 

It is free to join MinneAnalytics and our events are free to attend thanks to the support of our sponsors.


Our community has grown to more than 10,000 members.
This well-educated and well-placed mix includes professionals with job titles ranging from CEO to quantitative analyst, from Fortune 500 companies like United Health Group, Medtronic and Target Corporation to up-and-comers like SPS Commerce, LeadPages and Optimine.

For a list of unique job titles and organizations of our members, check out this Google document.

“There are some big data meetups in the standard conference centers… Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York… But this is unheard of for a local meetup group. I don’t know of another one like it in the country.”

David Fowler, Founder,CHART.IO,
San Francisco