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MAMA Conference Preview

The MAMA Conference is set for September 30th and things are really coming together. Here is a brief preview of just a few of the speakers we have lined up:

Measuring the Human Factor: Why People Still Matter (More Than Technology)
Andrew Eklund, CEO, Ciceron

Despite the frothing from the mouths from Valley VCs over social networks, to marketers they are really just the kindling that fuels large-scale brand advocacy. Reaching scale and measuring the effectiveness of brand advocacy is the new frontier for savvy marketers. (Includes a case study.)

How To Fail At Content Marketing While Really Trying
David Erickson, VP-Online Marketing, Karwoski & Courage

Forrester reports that 51% of B2B marketers rate their content marketing practices as very mature, but 85% fail to connect content activity to business value. That suggests they don’t have a firm grasp of what successful content marketing practices look like.  David will discuss the mind- and culture-shift companies are grappling with as they address a method of marketing for which most are ill-prepared. (Includes a case study of a company doing it right.)

What’s the ROI (Return on Infographics)?
John T. Meyer, CEO/Cofounder, Lemonly (Sioux Falls, SD)

In this session, John, who heads a top visual marketing firm that specializes in infographics, data visualization, and interactive graphics, takes a look at the value of infographics in your content marketing strategy. We see infographics all over the web, but are they worth it? This session will take a look at case studies of infographics and data visualization and will include a discussion of their role in your future marketing strategies.

Beyond Google Search Rankings: How to Use Unstructured Data Analysis to Drive Content Marketing
Jason Voiovich, VP Marketing, Logic PD
A new breed of data analysis tools is allowing us to go beyond search rankings, keywords, and trending topics.  Jason will discuss how Logic PD uses Leximancer to analyze and guide its content strategy with visual thematic maps.

Turning Rich Survey Data Into Actionable Insight in Hours, Not Weeks
Sean Otto, Ph D, Senior Customer Satisfaction Analyst, Trane / Ingersoll Rand

How Ingersoll Rand uses data blending and advanced analytics to turn rich customer experience survey data into actionable insight, automating the preparation of survey data and market research, and mastering the art of dashboards and infographics in Tableau to inform the business.

Stay tuned for more event details!