IoT of Data speakers wanted

MinneAnalytics is proud to partner with IoTFuse to present IoTFuse: Conference 2016 on April 22. This year the event brings a new focus area to the forefront of the Internet of Things revolution: the IoT of Data, or Thingalytics.

What is the IoT of Data?

The IoT of Data, or Thingalytics, is real-time analytics and algorithms used to make sense of the vast Big Data arising from the Internet of Things. The source of the data is digitized objects, each having their own digital ID. Benefits of Thingalytics can arise in these key areas:

Minimizing risks or threats
Alternately referred to as the “liquefaction of the physical world,” monitoring of objects and people can provide increased understanding of human behavior, maintenance needs and environmental conditions via monitoring. Decisions and risk mitigation techniques can be derived from real-time monitoring as well as existing data sets. The implications of the liquefaction of the physical world imply decreased costs within all industries and sectors.

Optimizing operations to increase efficiency
For example, modifying the course of vehicles or ships to reduce fuel usage in real-time.

Improving customer experience
For example, knowing when a diamond customer enters a hotel based upon an RFID tag or beacon.

Call for speakers

Predictive models based on new data sources coming from physical objects and smaller connected devices is an incredibly exciting topic. We are looking for speakers from the world of big data and analytics to share their knowledge of these topics.

Submit speaker proposals by Feb. 26 at this link.