Meet 2020 Scholarship Recipient Avriana Allen

We are proud to announce Avriana Allen as the recipient of a MinneAnalytics Scholarship. Avriana is a senior at Northwestern University majoring in statistics and journalism with a minor in creative writing.

She has explored multiple government data sets including Los Angeles Crime data and Residential Energy Consumption Survey to answer questions about crime rates, energy expenditure and loan repayment. In the future, she hopes to combine data science methods with statistical knowledge and journalism to bring information to the public. She is currently the Engineering Fellow at the Texas Tribune, a non-partisan, non-profit news organization.

MinneAnalytics Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students who display a passion for pursuing a career in analytics and a commitment to engaging with the community. This year $26,000 has been awarded to students from more than 25 colleges and universities. Thank you to our members and sponsors for making this possible!