Meet the 2021 MinneAnalytics Scholarship Recipients

We are pleased to introduce 33 of the students awarded the MinneAnalytics Scholarship in 2021-2022. Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students who display a passion for pursuing a career in analytics and a commitment to engaging with the community. Last year, MinneAnalytics awarded $33,000 in scholarships. Congratulations to all of these excellent recipients!

Josie Bierbaum
Gustavus Adolphus College, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics Department

Josie is a sophomore at Gustavus Adolphus College double majoring in computer science and statistics. She plans to pursue a master’s degree in computer science or data science. Last summer, she worked at the University of Minnesota as an REU intern researching machine learning algorithms. Currently, she is working on a project to find correlations in COVID survey data using frequent pattern mining. Outside of her coursework, she is a member of the Gustavus Coding Club, a teaching assistant for an Introduction to Computer Science lab, and a student host for the Big Data Revolution Nobel Conference in Fall 2021.

Parker Blake
Augsburg University, Business Administration / MIS

Parker is a senior graduating this spring with a major in management information systems and a minor in business analytics. He is currently completing an information technology internship with Open Systems International.

Bryn Caron
Minnesota State University Mankato, Computer Information Science

Bryn recently graduated with a degree in computer information technology. After graduating, she took a position as a Technology Development Program Associate at Optum. While at Minnesota State University Mankato, Bryn gained meaningful experience in Data Resources for Eager and Analytical Minds (D.R.E.A.M.), serving as vice president and then as president. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in data science at MNSU Mankato.

Federico Chung
Macalester College, Math, Stats, and Computer Science

Federico is a senior majoring in economics and applied math and statistics with a minor in computer science. Federico was drawn to the statistics major because he enjoys finding intuition from data and thinking outside the box. Federico demonstrates his passion for problem-solving and data analysis in his coursework and extracurricular activities. He has been part of all data challenges offered by the school including two MinneMUDAC competitions, where he found his passion for data science. He will attend graduate school at the University of Washington where he will pursue a Master in Statistics.

Nevin Coob Leej Lor
Augsburg University, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Sciences (MSCS)

Nevin is a junior majoring is mathematics with minors in management information systems and statistics. His passion for data analytics started when he had a mentor who worked at Optum. They connected and Nevin received guidance about what to learn for data science, analytics, college, coding, and many more tips to become a data analyst. “This is the career I want to be in and hope to achieve enough experiences to get there,” says Nevin. “I love to work with data and be able to answer the ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions in order to make a company succeed.”

Sean Cranston
St. Cloud State University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Sean Cranston is a senior majoring in statistics and mathematics. While excelling in his coursework, Sean has also looked to further his education outside of the classroom. In the summer of 2021, he worked on a research project with Dr. Mengshi Zhou developing an artificial intelligence-based movie recommendation engine using machine learning algorithms. The project gave him the opportunity to research and implement some useful data science tools. Dr. Zhou observed that “Sean demonstrated himself to be a talented data scientist. He showed great passion in providing data-driven solutions to real-life questions, learning new statistical/machine learning models, designing computer programs to analyze data, and collaboration with other people. He is eager to apply his data science knowledge in his future jobs.”

Hannah Dornbusch
North Hennepin Community College

Hannah is a double major in accounting and computer science. She plans to use these degrees as an entrepreneur.

Sheikh Fahad
Winona State University, Data Science

Sheikh is a junior majoring in data science and computer science. He is involved in Winona State University’s Computer Science Club, Cricket Club, and International Club, and plays soccer. After graduating he would like to become a machine learning engineer or artificial intelligence engineer. He is also considering pursuing a master’s degree in data science. 

Natalie Germain
University of St. Thomas, Department of Economics

Natalie is a senior double majoring in operations and supply chain management and economics, with a minor in data analytics. Natalie is the Co-President of the Supply Chain Club at St. Thomas. Through taking classes at St. Thomas, she has become interested in learning more about data and the many ways to analyze it. She has leveraged this interest in her current position as a Reverse Logistics Intern. Natalie supports her team with product returns analysis by identifying store and return trends and testing new return capabilities from the data science team. She has embraced the opportunities her summer internship has given her to speak to data in a professional setting, and she is excited to use what she has learned in the future.

Janelle Guse
St. Catherine University, Data Science

Janelle is a first-year student double majoring in mathematics and data science. During her time so far at St. Kate’s, Janelle has engaged in opportunities to analyze data for social good. For example, in her first-semester data visualization class, Janelle worked with a team of students to visually explore the long-term impact of housing discrimination (in the form of historical racial covenants) on air quality and COVID cases in Hennepin County. Janelle also participated in a “Data Fest” event at St. Kate’s, where students collaboratively explored data on upward mobility from poverty in Ramsey County and were challenged to look for solutions.

Shanoah Harren
Hamline University, Economics, Finance, Accounting & Quantitative Methods

Shanoah is a senior studying business analytics and computational data science. She has participated in multiple analytics competitions, founded the Women in STEM student organization, served as a New Student Mentor, and was selected to be an analyst intern in Hamline’s Marketing Analytics Clinic. Shanoah is also a student-athlete, competing with Hamline’s Track & Field team. Shanoah has accepted a full-time consulting position at Boom Lab where she will work as a Business Analyst. She is especially interested in environmental analytics and aspires to use statistical tools and techniques to make progress on sustainable development challenges.

Tyler Henkemeyer
University of Minnesota Duluth, Labovitz School of Business and Economics, Marketing, Consumer Insights & Analytics

Tyler is a senior double majoring in mathematics and statistics and actuarial science with a minor in consumer insights and analytics. He found his love for numbers and mathematics at a young age and hasn’t looked back since that time. During his junior year of college Tyler started to explore and participate in data competitions, including MinneMUDAC, after learning about data science and analytics in his classes. These experiences expanded upon his existing passions and added to them the fields of analytics, visualization, and dataology.

Kenzer Hodgson-Hammond
Normandale Community College, Data Science

Kenzer is a first-generation student majoring in finance and minoring in data analytics. His passion for pursuing these stems from his childhood where he found a love for numbers and problem-solving. “Advancing my knowledge of data analytics gives me endless opportunities as to which field I can enter in the future,” says Kenzer. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, working out, listening to music, and reading books about data science. “I see every challenge that comes my way as a new opportunity to grow further and gain better perspectives,” says Kenzer. “My dream is to show others the importance of data and how it can be applied to all aspects of our lives.

Joe Lambrecht
University of St. Thomas, Department of Economics

Joe is a senior majoring in computer science and data analytics and minoring in statistics and economics. During his time at St. Thomas, Joe has been extremely involved in the data analytics opportunities. He has competed in two data science competitions, organized a workshop to help his peers advance their own competitive abilities, and worked closely with MinneAnalytics this past spring to host a data competition of his own. This year, Joe will serve as the President of the Data Science and Analytics Club at St. Thomas, where he aims to continue driving St. Thomas forward as a leader in the data science community.

Anthony Lanier
Augustana University, Computer and Data Science

Anthony is a junior majoring in computer science/software engineering and computer information systems. He is also a member of the Augustana University Baseball Team. Anthony chose to pursue computer science while in high school where he maintained the school’s website and was a peer tutor for web development. He discovered an interest in data science while taking a data analytics course that was required for his major. When this spring’s MinneMUDAC competition was announced, he was the first to volunteer, and led Augustana’s team in the competition. Building models and software for this competition allowed him to combine his interests in computer science, data analytics, and sports-related analytics.

Kylie Lin
Northwestern University, School of Communication, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Kylie is a junior at Northwestern University pursuing a double major in communication studies and cognitive Science along with a minor in data science. Through her statistics coursework, she became interested in both creating and understanding data visualizations. This led her to the Visual Thinking Lab at Northwestern where she currently conducts research examining how people interpret information from data visualizations, and in the past she has contributed publishing a paper to IEEE VIS. In the future, she hopes to continue to conduct visualization research by applying to master’s or PhD programs in information management.

Brady Lindauer
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Brady is majoring in Business Intelligence at St. Mary’s University in Winona. He became interested in data science while playing junior hockey and learning about how analytics play a major role in sports. 

Jagmehr Madan
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Jagmehr is a rising senior studying industrial and systems engineering. He is interested in the intersection of data science, IoT, and energy. His work in data analytics has included helping a Minneapolis healthcare startup build choropleth and heat maps for future market opportunities, creating data pipelines to query and transfer application metrics at a large bank, and developing a database for net transportation costs for a Fortune 10 company. Jagmehr is also passionate about entrepreneurship and meeting innovative people. On campus, Jagmehr co-heads Atland Ventures, a student-run venture capital firm that invests in Gen Z startups across the country, and is in charge of professional development at University of Minnesota’s Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering branch.

David McGowan
St. Olaf College, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

David is a first-generation student and a junior at St. Olaf College, majoring in mathematics with a concentration in statistics and data science. He is passionate about the power, utility, and necessity of data analysis, and he plans to attend graduate school in either statistics or biostatistics. David has conducted research on the impact of international anti-piracy legislation and on gender disparities among professional orchestras. He has also served as a teaching assistant for math and data science courses and sings in the St. Olaf Choir.

Caleb Nilson
University of Northwestern – St. Paul, Department of Computing, Data and Mathematical Sciences

Caleb is a senior majoring in data analytics. He is studying data analytics because it provides the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of fields and disciplines in order to understand data and help business decision-making, and is currently serving as founder-president of the Data Analytics club to make the subject more collaborative and approachable. Caleb’s post-graduation plan is to pursue a career working with statistical tools in a collaborative environment and eventually pursue graduate school. “Studying at a liberal arts institution has helped me understand how analytics can relate to the humanities and theology, and I have grown through this more holistic perspective,” said Caleb.

Devan Olsem
Bethel University, Math and Computer Science

Devan is a junior at Bethel University majoring in computer science with a minor in mathematics. 

Cori Roberts
University of Minnesota Twin Cities, School of Mathematics / MCFAM

Cori is a senior at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities pursuing dual degrees in mathematics and management information systems. Analytics is her passion, acting as the perfect combination of the technical skills she’s learned in her math courses and the soft skills she’s developed as a business student. Cori has been an active member of the undergraduate business analytics club throughout her college career. She has frequently utilized analytics in internships and undergraduate research projects. After graduating this spring, she will begin her career as a technology consultant in Boston, MA.

Andrew Rowan
Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism

Andrew Rowan is a junior at Northwestern University studying journalism, data science, and business institutions. He currently serves as news director, executive producer, and reporter for the Northwestern News Network, the campus broadcast station. Previously, Andrew has served as a production intern for NBC News Now and a social media intern for MSNBC.

Annalise Scamehorn
Concordia University, St. Paul, Mathematics

Annalise is a senior majoring in mathematics with a minor in finance. She is on the softball team where she helps advocate for her team by being a part of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Annalise is involved on campus as a co-vice president of Tri-Pi math club. The math club organizes events to help future mathematicians network with multiple employers and alumni. She is also involved in ministry on campus through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) by helping lead a small group. She plans to pursue a master’s degree in data analytics at CSP because she loves how data analytics can help people make tough decisions in all industries.

Abbie Schlueter
Winona State University

Abbie is a freshman majoring in statistics with specifics on actuarial science.

Abby Smith
Winona State University

Abby is a freshman majoring in data science. After graduating she would like to use her degree in the sports industry.

Kristine Stedman
University of Northwestern, St. Paul, School of Business

Kristine is a senior double-majoring in data analytics and marketing. She is heavily involved on campus through her role as social media assistant for the marketing department, her ministry partner role in residence life, and her leadership of the UNW swing dancing club. “I have enjoyed the insight that the data analytics professors have poured into me these past 3 years, and I am looking forward to finding a position that incorporates both majors in an area such as SEO or digital marketing analysis,” said Kristine. “Learning how to work with data in many different forms is a skill that will translate in almost every job and I am looking forward to further pursuing that skill with the knowledge I have learned through UNW’s data analytics program.”

Tim Steeves
Metropolitan State University, Mathematics and Statistics

Tim is a first-generation student studying social science and urban elementary education. In collaboration with pre-existing local entities, he plans to utilize data science to identify and reduce racial and social class disparities in K-12 education in Minnesota. His passion for the overlap between researching critical social issues and data science is derived from his own experiences on the margins, having experienced poverty and homelessness in his youth and young adulthood. Metropolitan State University has provided Tim with the tools, energy, connections and direction to make change in his community. Tim enjoys bicycling, acrylic painting, listening to podcasts, and studying critical theory and philosophy..

Austin Stonemark
University of Wisconsin-River Falls, College of Business and Economics

Austin is a senior majoring in finance. He plans to pursue a CFA and CFP certification at some point in the future during his career in addition to an MBA. As part of his extracurricular involvement at UWRF, he has served as president of the Finance Club since May of 2021. Austin is currently employed at EQ Shareowner Services, where he validates time-sensitive and complex transactions for shareholders. In the future, he plans to work in consulting or relationship management and utilize data science and analytics to create tailored plans that will give clients the optimal solution for success.

Anthony Vecchia
University of St. Thomas, Department of Economics

Anthony is a senior majoring in economics with minors in mathematics and Italian. His interest in data began when he participated in the 2019 MinneMUDAC data competition. Seeking other data-related opportunities, he received a grant to research the impact of the minimum wage on bus ridership in the Twin Cities. Most recently, Anthony’s team won the St. Thomas Economics Department’s data competition by using COVID-19 data to assess the effectiveness of mask mandates. His passion for data and its place in economics has inspired him to pursue a PhD in economics beginning next year.

Khanh Vo
Winona State University, Data Science

Khanh is a data science major originally from Tien Giang, Vietnam. After graduating, he wants to become a data engineer and data analyst to understand the life cycle of a data science project. His long-term goal is becoming a data science consultant.

Brady Welsh
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Mathematics

Brady is a junior majoring in both statistics and finance. He became interested in data analytics in high school, but started feeling passionate when he joined the UWEC Data Analytics Association. Brady competed with his student org in MinneAnalytics competitions over the past two years. “These opportunities have definitely improved my software and communication skills with data analytics,” Brady says. “I have also been able to use my experiences in undergraduate research looking at microtransactions in free to play games.” In the future, he is hoping to incorporate his skills with analytics in finance and business analytics.


Wen Ye
University of Wisconsin – Madison, Statistics

Wen Ye is a rising junior studying computer science, statistics and data science. She is dedicated to data-driven decisions and various machine learning techniques applied to geospatial data in particular. She is part of the Geo-DS Lab under the guidance of Professor Dr. Song Gao. Currently, she is working on identifying health provider shortage areas in Wisconsin and create rational service areas. She is also an active participant of the UW Data Science Club (dotdata). In the future, she hopes to go to graduate school in the field of computer science and become a data scientist.