More MAMA Conference Talks!

More goodness on the way for our conference on September 30th — “MinneAnalytics does Marketing Analytics”!  Here are four additional talks you’ll hear, and watch for updates on other speakers…

Harnessing Analytics for Leaner, Meaner Marketing That Drives Aggressive Growth
Peter Zaballos, VP Marketing, SPS Commerce
There’s never been a better time to be in marketing. No longer dominated by ad spend, marketers are using technology and data to gain visibility into customer intent and buying behaviors, enabling them to measure and manage success. Prospect-to-sales conversion has never had greater precision, and never been more different. SPS Commerce VP of Marketing Peter Zaballos will discuss how technology has transformed Minnesota’s largest cloud service provider’s marketing effectiveness and what other companies can do to transform their own marketing departments.

Deep Text Mining of Social Posts for Topics and Sentiment
Pradeep Sinha, PhD, CEO/Founder, Contata Solutions
How do you analyze sentiment for “I loved the margarita chicken, but the service was horrible”? Understanding individual topics in a conversation and attributing sentiment accurately requires deep analysis of text. This talk will discuss approaches and challenges in accomplishing this, as well as results from a recent competitive analysis of restaurant chains along different dimensions of brand sentiment.

What You’re Measuring Doesn’t Matter (and How to Fix It)
Evan Carothers, CEO/Cofounder, Docalytics
Most marketers rely on metrics like downloads, page views, and shares to gauge the success of their campaigns and initiatives. With the increasing availability of much more sophisticated measurement tools, these common metrics are being labeled as “vanity metrics“ — measurements that depict an inflated sense of success without accurately representing the effectiveness of marketing efforts. This discussion will set the record straight, revealing more meaningful, results-driven ways to select actionable metrics and data tools.