MinneAnalytics announces plans for Boston analytics conference in August 2018

Midwest-based data science group will bring its accessible and engaging conference style to the East Coast analytics hotspot

MinneAnalytics, the largest regional community and events organization in the U.S. focused in data and analytics, announced today it will be organizing its first major conference in Boston, Mass. The event is being planned for August 2018 and will feature a wide variety of expert speakers on the latest topics in data science and analytics, including AI, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and neural networks.

“With the rapid growth of MinneAnalytics over the past five years, it’s time to bring our conference energy and success to another great center of data and analytics in the U.S.,” said Dan Atkins, executive director and cofounder of MinneAnalytics. He noted some key connections between Minneapolis and Boston, including the Optum Labs joint venture with Mayo Clinic, and the fact that many Minnesota-based companies including Medtronic and Optum have operations in Boston.

MinneAnalytics’ conference model drives maximum engagement by offering admission free of charge to practitioners and the curious. The events are sponsor-supported, but sales-pitches are strictly forbidden in the presentations. MinneAnalytics organizes several annual, industry-specific conferences drawing 800-1000 participants each. Its recent “SportCon” event featured 80 speakers from the field of sport analytics, and its popular “Big Data Tech” conference will be held June 5 for a fourth straight year. Both of these Minneapolis-based events have drawn speakers from around the U.S., including several from the Boston area.

“Expanding our geographical reach also makes sense as so many professionals that have come into our community—as attendees or speakers at our Minneapolis events—are actually based in the Northeast,” said Sean Larson, a MinneAnalytics cofounder. “So, now we come to them.”

The conference date and venue have not been finalized, and the organization is actively seeking input from Boston-area professionals and community groups. MinneAnalytics hopes to partner with local organizations that see the value in creating accessible and engaging data science events that benefit the analytics community overall.

Analytics professionals and meetup groups in the Boston area are encouraged to get involved by contacting the conference organizers at

About MinneAnalytics
MinneAnalytics is a nonprofit organization serving the Midwest’s data science and analytics community by providing accessible, authentic, and engaging events. The organization facilitates the sharing of knowledge and ideas among analytics professionals across business, technology, and decision science through several industry- specific events and conferences each year. In addition, MinneAnalytics hosts student analytics challenges and analytics leader forums, and provides student scholarships. MinneAnalytics events are free to attendees due to the generous support of many sponsors. The community has grown to include more than 12,500 members, with job titles ranging from CEO and CTO to data scientist and quantitative analyst. Learn more

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