Announcing the Latest Edition of the “Startup Showcase Honor Roll”

Chip Truwit, Co-Founder of Hitch Health, presents at the HALICON 2017 Startup Showcase. The startup bringing ride-sharing to healthcare raised $900K in 2018. View videos from TECHdotMN.

by Graeme Thickins

It’s been more than five years since we held our first startup pitch session. That was in October 2013 at our very first “Life Science Lean-In” conference. It’s been my pleasure to organize and host all these great sessions—now eleven startup showcases in all to date. We hold these sessions regularly at every one of our major conferences, and a grand total of 85 startups have now been featured since we began!

What follows is an updated list of those startups that pitched who have been, to our knowledge, subsequently successful in raising funding after they participated—thus, an “Honor Roll.” We published the first such list in June 2017, calling out nine companies. I’m happy to now report we have 23 more to add to the list! Of course, many of these firms have achieved success beyond raising money—adding many jobs, launching new products, reaching revenue stage, forming major partnerships, etc. Two that are healthcare startups have reached the major milestone in getting FDA clearance for their products, and three others who pitched have already been acquired! (Noted below.)

Congratulations to all who made the list (including the original 9 and the additional 23):

Note that most on this list are Minnesota-based, but several came from other states to pitch. We find more startups from out of state learn about our events and want to participate, which we appreciate! If you know of others that pitched who should be added to this Honor Roll, please let us know. We expect to be adding many more who pitched at our three conferences in 2018—just give them time!

We are now accepting submissions for healthcare and life science-focused startups to participate in the HALICON 2019 Startup Showcase on March 29. Submit a startup here.