MinneAnalytics Student Showcase

Spring 2022


The MinneAnalytics Student Showcase is an opportunity for students to get in front of our community of data science pros. Students submit a URL of a video presentation that we then share more broadly with professionals in industry for the purpose of exposure, mentoring, or jobs.

These undergrad or graduate presentations could be individual or team class projects, capstones, modified posters, or passion projects. Really anything, and any major, as long as it involves analytics or data science.

Select presentations will then be featured as the student showcase of the week on social media or featured in our newsletter. Some will be invited to reprise the presentations live in front of our community virtually or even live at one of our conferences.

Our community, having already demonstrated an eagerness to mentor students, will be encouraged to engage the students in mentorship or to hire them for permanent positions or internships.

Who can participate:

  • Undergraduate or graduate students who would like to showcase an example of their data analytics / data science work
  • Any major – as long as submitted work in closely tied to data analytics / data science
  • Student should be currently enrolled in a college/university within the United States

What to Submit:

  • Required: A brief video (less than 10 minutes) that sufficiently describes the data analytics project. This may be of a class project, capstone project, or passion project or internship.
  • Optional: A single URL of file/folder/repository that contains all supporting documentation for the project.
  • Optional: A URL of an individual’s resume for job/internship opportunities

Review of Material:

  • All submitted material (presentations, supporting documentation, and resumes) will be reviewed before becoming available to industry professionals.
  • Members of the organizing committee have the discretion to not publish submitted material. In this case, rationale will be provided and resubmission may be possible.


  • All presentations/supporting documentation / resumes (that pass the initial review) will be available to working professionals
  • Select presentations may be featured on MinneAnalytics social media and/or featured in our newsletter
  • Some individuals may be asked to reprise their presentations in front of our community virtually or even live at one of our future conferences.

Deadline: There is no hard deadline for this showcase – submissions will be accepted throughout the year.


Featured Submissions

Student Showcase: Basketball Player Shot Analysis App

May 12, 2022

We are proud to present this student showcase submission from Max Bolger. Max is graduating this year with a degree in computational data science from Hamline University. For his project, he built a WNBA player shot analysis app. Read more