Applying Big Data and ‘Network Effect’ Thinking to Post-Click Marketing – Hear More at #MAMAmn

LeadPages may be the fastest-growing SaaS company ever in the state of Minnesota. Founded in 2012, it already has more than 14,000 customers. It creates simple software and web apps that allow businesses to grow large andLeadPages-logo-200w devoted audiences. LeadPages claims to be the first company to apply big data approaches and “network effect” thinking to post-click marketing. It believes “compelling online marketing doesn’t need to be time consuming and tedious.” Here’s the talk you’ll hear them deliver at our “MinneAnalytics does Marketing Analytics” event on September 30th:

Five Pricing-Page Split Tests That Doubled Our Revenue-Per-Visitor
Tim Paige, Conversion Educator, LeadPages
Over the course of six months, the LeadPages growth team completed five statistically significant split tests that have effectively doubled our pricing page’s average revenue-per-visitor. In this presentation, Tim will present each split test, the hypotheses and theories behind them, and provide a roadmap for applying our findings to your web site (or running these tests yourself).

LeadPages is also a sponsor of our event. Ask them about their built-in conversion stats and analytics, which let customers find out in seconds how the company’s three products — LeadPages, LeadBoxes, and LeadLinks — are performing. With a glance, customers can see their conversion rates, unique visitors, and a graphical analysis of how their marketing assets are trending over time.