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Dan McCreary on Big Data Tech

Big Data Tech is coming up on June 8 and well over 500 of you have already registered. We talked to one of the event chairs, Dan McCreary, about what he hopes our community will learn from this conference. Dan is principle consultant at MarkLogic and author of Making Sense of NoSQL: A guide for managers and the rest of us.

“I hope our attendees will all get exposure to pros and cons of the six major database architecture patterns,” Dan explained. According to Dan, an objective approach to database architecture selection is vital:

“The world is changing quickly. There are many new business opportunities that don’t fit a single mono-architecture solution. Knowing each database architecture pattern and when to use it is critical for the future of Minnesota companies. Trying to solve all problem with one RDBMS¬†architecture will only hurt job growth in the Midwest.”

Dan will be guiding an introduction to NoSQL at Big Data Tech. Find out more and register today!